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The birth of custom T-shirts has been dated back to the early days of World War II when American troops noticed European soldiers wearing a lightweight cotton T-shirt during the hot and humid summer days.  The T-Shirt industry changed during World War II which introduced first printed custom T-shirts with the phrase "Dew-IT with Dewey" from New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey's 1948 presidential campaign.  This was followed by “I like Ike” T-shirt during Eisenhower’s presidential campaign in the 50’s.  From those early days everyone began jumping on the T-shirt band wagon from movie stars, rock bands, Walt Disney to today where the T-Shirt is a popular item with everyone's wardrobe.


Custom T-shirts continue to evolve with new colors, knits, styles, and new synthetic fabrics. These T-Shirts are more fashionable than ever and can be made to look casual or dressy. Teerrific Tees can design your special T-shirt with that tailored fit and look with any type of design or logo embroidered or silk screened.


Take a few minutes to browse our website and then feel free to call one of our representatives which will help you design that Teerrific Tee for corporate use, reunion, clubs and organizations.


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